Exclusive: Sharkiesha Fight Victim Glam’d Up; Joins Anti-Bullying Campaign!

Good for her!

Olevia Henderson and her daughter, Sha’Michael join Vivoman Anti Bully campaign to push to make bullying a felony instead of the misdemeanor her daughter’s attacker, Sharkiesha, was charged with. She has joined the Vivoman Live To Stand Bully campaign in an attempt to put a stop to bullying on and offline.


Since coming to notoriety after suffering a brutal beating at the hands of her former friend, “Sharkiesha”, the 17 year old Sha’ Michael Manuel and her mother Olevia Henderson say the scars from the cyber bullying are far more hurtful than the now healed physical wounds and they want them to stop. “My daughter is being mocked and made fun of everyday online while Sharkiesha is being glorified and the more people share the video it’s like she is being victimized all over again.” Mrs. Henderson tells the press. Demanding justice for her daughter, the young lady that physical assaulted her was arrested but is being charged with a misdemeanor, the girl that lured her over to the apartments that video taped the assault charges are pending against her.

Taking matters into her own hands Manuel and her mother chose to speak out and wanted their own platform to stand up and speak out against the hurtful bullying, so they teamed with the national Vivoman “Live Standing Up” anti-bully campaign to bring awareness to the effects of cyber bullying which she has completely changed her life. “This is something I have to live with every day for the rest of my life says Sha’Michael and the only way to not be a victim is to stand up against it. I am not a joke, my life is not a joke and I will not hide from it but I will use my voice to help put an end to it.”

Though there were rumors of Sha’Micheal commiting suicide they were false and with the support of her family and her church,she recently returned back to school. Sha’Michael interviewed with me to give us an update on her life.


Why join an anti-bullying campaign? Whose idea was it?

When Vivoman reached out to me they just wanted me to share my story with them. But my mom and I felt it was a good platform and people might listen better. I had actually told my mom I wanted to join one or start my own to speak out.

Have you spoken with Sharkiesha or any of the other girls in the video since the incident? Who were the other girls? No I have not spoken to her, I dont have anything to say to her, the other girls was Shelby and Tara.

Do you feel dropping out of school is the best way to fight bullying? Why not fight back? For the sake of focusing on my final semester of my senior year, I have chosen to home school. I feel as long as i continue my education and speak out against bullying I’m still helping because being silent still allows the bully the power of control.

Want to clear up any lies you’ve read on the internet about Sharkiesha or yourself? Yes, I never tried to harm myself after the incident.

Do you feel cyberbullying has gotten out of control? How do you feel about celebrities being bullied online… Yes it has gotten out of hand people forget that we are human we have feelings and we hurt when picked on. I think no matter if your famous are not it should be felony to bully people.


Where are you going to college? What are your choices? I plan to attend Lone Star college, as well as transfer to University of Texas in Austin after two years at Lone Star I wanna be a Lawyer.

Do you think Sharkiehsa should go to jail? Are you pressing charges? I did feel she should serve jail time and do community service speaking to kids about her actions, Yes I did press charges.

Do you forgive Sharkiesha. If so, have you told her that? I do forgive her from the bottom of my heart it helps me none to stay angry, My mom teaches us to forgive. I have not spoken with her directly but my sister did let her know that I and my family for give her.

Do you watch fights on WSHH before your own was on there? How do you feel about them now vs. then? I have watched a fight before on there and didn’t like it it was terrible and I felt it should not have been on the internet. I still feel the same about mine that they should not be on the internet.

Have you ever bullied anyone? If so who…and would you like you apologize to them? I can say honestly I have never bullied anyone nor would I it is wrong.

 In case you missed the original – here is the video from WSHH that went viral:

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  • Kimmy

    Why would you highlight the dangers of bullying, highlight this brave young lady and then show her being attacked, a video that has caused her ongoing pain and glorified this bully??Terrible choice!

  • decreator

    Word! After telling her story, how dare you show this ignorant video all over again??

  • IBJuliet

    Wow! How distasteful of you to post the video of this young lady’s agony! You defeated the purpose of the interview.

  • Debbie

    Sharkiesha is a coward. She waited for Sha’Michael to look away and then sucker punched and kicked her so-called friend. And that is what this video shows.

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