[Watch] Another Kid From ‘The Wire’ Goes R&B, Drops “Janet” Single

Tristan Wilds, otherwise know by his R&B persona ‘Mack Wilds’, isn’t the only actor from HBO’s  The Wire dropping R&B music.  Tristan, who was nominated for a Grammy this year and starred in the CW 90210 reboot, has some strong competition from his former Wire co-star Jermaine Crawford – you probably remember him as Dukie or is it Dookie — Doodie? You know who the fugg I’m tawgin bout….


Jermaine Crawford, just dropped a single called ‘Janet’ from his first music project an EP titled Underdog. And Underdog he is.  We haven’t heard much from Crawford post The Wire except for little appearances here and there. But it seems he’s been spending his time getting his grown and sexy on, because he is almost unrecognizeable as the lil’ homeless kid we saw on HBO.


About his new single and style of music, Jermaine tells me, “I’m trying to bring back music that feels good, with even better production.” Take a look at his music video for Janet and tell me what you think about the song…

I personally like the throwback vibe of the song and video, but the quality of the video leaves much to be desired – and for God’s sakes Jermaine, show a little bit of dem abs for the ladies – we know your slim frame got ‘em. SEX SELLS!


I’m definitely feeling his baritone voice and grown man steez he projects and Jermaine is a much better singer than Mack Wilds, but does he have enough of a brand behind him to not fall to the wayside like so many actor-turned-singers?

We shall soon find out!

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  • Nik Johnson

    Not bad!

  • TheRealEOTMMediaCEO

    pretty cool

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