Sharkiesha Victim’s Mom Finally Speaks Out, “I’m Pursuing Charges”

The victim of the viral fight, where a ghetto bird named Sharkiesha sucker punches her “friend” named Shamichael, is now telling her side of the story. After posting photos of her injuries HERE Shamichael’s mom is speaking out claiming they’re going to press charges.

Sharkiesha Fight Victim . Shamichael. NOT DEAD

Sharkiesha Fight Victim . Shamichael. NOT DEAD

Her mom, Olevia Henderson [pictured below], wrote on AskKissy Facebook page the following quote:


Thank you all for your support that is my daughter in the video and no she didn’t kill herself. But I am pursuing charges against them. No she hasn’t been arrested as for teaching kids to fight my daughter thought twere her friends they all have been to my home and hung out together. The detective hasn’t spoken to her yet.

It seems like Olevia’s kids stay losing though. According to her Facebook page, she recently had to remove her son from his school due to bullying. She wrote on her Facebook page back in July:

I decided that for my son health and to build his self esteem up I do something different for him because he was bullied in public school. I placed him at my church charter school but he still lacks confidence because he is big for 12 years old & kids still tend to say hurtful things. But I tell you what I enrolled him Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy he loves it. All I can say they are great helping him with weight loss and being more active building his confidence as well. Mothers will go to the depths for their kids.
Hmmmm….Maybe she should spend more money on her kids taking self defense classes, then on her multpile hair-weaves posted on her Facebook account HERE.
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  • tamrachelle

    I didn’t know not spending your money on self defense classes could be considered neglect. Not to mention one of them is enrolled in a martial arts class….??? I mean, my kids are in choir, and I’m not sure what weaves have to do with it. She’s the victim of someone who sucker punched her, how is that her mom’s weaves fault?

    • Carlton Jordan

      you make a good point. its just crazy to me how both her kids are victims of bullying. And SHE seems to be flossin and they seem to be strugglin

      • Jaime

        keyword being SEEMS. We don’t know what goes on in the households of Facebook friends.

      • tamrachelle

        She put him in a Charter School and she got him martial arts classes. Sounds like a smart mommy move to me. As for being bullied, some kids are goofy and meek. I know I was. And it wasn’t my mother’s fault I was awkward. And minus the *weave pics* her kids look beautiful and happy. But I know gossip sites have to be edgy and snappy so….I get it.

  • caliqt

    Very well said tamrachelle. She sounds like a good mom to me.

  • Mark

    Wow! Look at mom! Ghetto.

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