[Viral] Akilah Hughes’ ‘Meet Your First Black Girlfriend’ Hits 1Million Views


Comedian Akilah Hughes has been posting videos on her YouTube, but all it takes is one that pushes all the right buttons to become a sensation! Actors take note – don’t wait for a YES or validation from the gatekeepers. Put it all out there and let the world discover you. Watch what all the buzz is about below:

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Exclusive: Sharkiesha Fight Victim Glam’d Up; Joins Anti-Bullying Campaign!


Good for her!

Olevia Henderson and her daughter, Sha’Michael join Vivoman Anti Bully campaign to push to make bullying a felony instead of the misdemeanor her daughter’s attacker, Sharkiesha, was charged with. She has joined the Vivoman Live To Stand Bully campaign in an attempt to put a stop to bullying on and offline.

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[Watch & Donate] ‘Love Handles’; A Comedy That Tackles Body Image In Relationships Needs Your Funds


Hello Readers. I, along with the extraordinary Crystle ‘Clear’ Roberson, are the creators of a new web series entitled ‘Love Handles’, which you’re guaranteed to abso-fuckin-looooootely enjoy. Watch Episode 1 below…

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[Watch] Before The Superbowl, Bruno Mars Was A 6-Year Old Elvis Impersonator


There’s so much Yaaaaaas! in this video of Bruno Mars as an Elvis impersonator at 6 years Old.

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Yaaas Lupita!

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 8.08.11 PM

Everything she does is FIERCE!

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John Boyega Added To Fox’s 24: Live Another Day


Rising star John Boyega announces latest high profile role…
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Beyonce Fix: Watch Queen Bey Perform ‘Home’ At Seven Years Old

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 8.41.32 AM

Beyonce slaying them at seven years old? (But was that a back-up track playing in the beginning?)
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What To Watch On NetFlix: Big Words


One of my favorite filmmakers, Ava DuVernay’s AFFRM + Array Releasing proudly announces the Netflix release of Neil Drumming’s dramatic comedy, BIG WORDS. The film is available now for streaming on Netflix – now go watch it!

The films stars young Hollywood’s , and Top Model alum, .

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Boardwalk Empire: Diddy Aims To Take Over Liquor Market With New Partnership


Just call him ‘Chalky Diddy’ [in reference to HBO’s Boardwalk Empire character Chalky White, a show about liquor prohibition] because Mr. Combs is planning a liquor takeover – legally of course. Just today, the Shah of Ciroc announced  a new joint venture to purchase luxury tequila brand DeLeón.

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After Pressure, ‘Saturday Night Live’ Adds A Black Female Cast Member!


Look at God. See what a little online upraor can do?!

When Saturday Night Live announced it’s six new cast members this season, many were shocked about the lack of a black female cast member for the sixth year in a row – especially since many pop culture icons they could portray are Black.
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