Exclusive: Sharkiesha Fight Victim Glam’d Up; Joins Anti-Bullying Campaign!


Good for her!

Olevia Henderson and her daughter, Sha’Michael join Vivoman Anti Bully campaign to push to make bullying a felony instead of the misdemeanor her daughter’s attacker, Sharkiesha, was charged with. She has joined the Vivoman Live To Stand Bully campaign in an attempt to put a stop to bullying on and offline.

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[Watch & Donate] ‘Love Handles’; A Comedy That Tackles Body Image In Relationships Needs Your Funds


Hello Readers. I, along with the extraordinary Crystle ‘Clear’ Roberson, are the creators of a new web series entitled ‘Love Handles’, which you’re guaranteed to abso-fuckin-looooootely enjoy. Watch Episode 1 below…

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[Watch] Before The Superbowl, Bruno Mars Was A 6-Year Old Elvis Impersonator


There’s so much Yaaaaaas! in this video of Bruno Mars as an Elvis impersonator at 6 years Old.

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Yaaas Lupita!

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 8.08.11 PM

Everything she does is FIERCE!

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John Boyega Added To Fox’s 24: Live Another Day


Rising star John Boyega announces latest high profile role…
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Beyonce Fix: Watch Queen Bey Perform ‘Home’ At Seven Years Old

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 8.41.32 AM

Beyonce slaying them at seven years old? (But was that a back-up track playing in the beginning?)
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What To Watch On NetFlix: Big Words


One of my favorite filmmakers, Ava DuVernay’s AFFRM + Array Releasing proudly announces the Netflix release of Neil Drumming’s dramatic comedy, BIG WORDS. The film is available now for streaming on Netflix – now go watch it!

The films stars young Hollywood’s , and Top Model alum, .

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Boardwalk Empire: Diddy Aims To Take Over Liquor Market With New Partnership


Just call him ‘Chalky Diddy’ [in reference to HBO's Boardwalk Empire character Chalky White, a show about liquor prohibition] because Mr. Combs is planning a liquor takeover – legally of course. Just today, the Shah of Ciroc announced  a new joint venture to purchase luxury tequila brand DeLeón.

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After Pressure, ‘Saturday Night Live’ Adds A Black Female Cast Member!


Look at God. See what a little online upraor can do?!

When Saturday Night Live announced it’s six new cast members this season, many were shocked about the lack of a black female cast member for the sixth year in a row – especially since many pop culture icons they could portray are Black.
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Snapback Queen Kim Kardashian Instagrams Her Six Pack And Booty….



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